VFF Bikila Shoe Review

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Equipment Reviews, Running
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Brooks Pure Connect (retired)

I put in a long week at work so I decided to treat myself a little. After officially retiring my 7th pair of running shoes this year (Brooks Pure Connect) I needed a replacement. I keep multiple shoes in rotation, each with their own specific use and my Pure Connects were my high mileage road shoe. I am using the New Balance Minimus MT10 for my trail shoe, and Vibram Five Fingers “See Ya” for my low mileage road shoe.


New Balance Minimus MT10


Over the course of the last year and a half I have been running in minimalist shoes only. Each time I have gone more and more minimal. I’m at the point now where I cannot go anymore minimal without going completely barefoot. I enjoy the connection to the ground beneath me, the light weight feel, and the increased transfer of power to the ground. Although my feet get punished for it, my body moves more efficiently and naturally. This time I decided on the VFF Bikila. My friend Jessica was kind enough to order them from her work and get a sweet deal on them. Thank you Jessica! I took them on a 9.7 mile test drive around my neighborhood tonight with my new Princeton Tec Fuel head lamp.


Princeton Tec Fuel

My run was on mixed terrain consisting of about 70% road, 20% gravel and limestone, and 10% grass. The shoes felt great once I put them on. A snug, uniform fit around my foot made them feel almost custom made just for me. The upper has a thicker, more structured feel which gave me a little more support throughout my foot as well as a little more protection from the wind. On the concrete they felt firm and fast. Just a very slight amount of extra cushion compared to my VFF See Ya. I really enjoyed them right away. The real joy was when I made it to gravel, crushed limestone, and grass. I could feel the uneven sufaces and respond a lot better to the imperfections of it. I didn’t experience any rubbing or areas of discomfort at all. These shoes were great. I certainly have no regret with my decision to get them and look forward to all of the happy miles we will share. Now I just need to find my next road race to use them in. –Tim


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