2012 Year-End Review – What You Missed…

Posted: December 14, 2012 in 5k, Marathons, Races, Running
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Since I started blogging over half way thru the year I decided to put together my “Best of 2012” photo album. This only covers January thru September to let all of my awesome readers, followers, and fans know what else I’ve been up to this year. It’s been a very tough year, but it was filled with some unforgettable times and valuable lessons. I look forward to the many amazing journeys coming up in 2013 and sharing them with you. Thanks to everyone for your support. Best of luck to all of you. I hope everyone has a great holiday season.



LA Marathon with Mary and Jason.


Let's Move Festival Half Marathon - New personal record of 1:25:48


Color Run Chicago with Andy and Andrea. That was one amazing weekend with my 2 best friends.


Run for C.H.U.M. Half Marathon - ANGELRUNNERS.COM


Warrior Dash Michigan - Jessica's first race! She did great and we had a blast!


Crim Festival 10 Mile - I high-five random spectators. That's how I roll.


Run Woodstock - Jimmy and Jason ran their first 50k and I ran my first 50 miler. I think it's safe to say this day changed our lives forever. I'm grateful to have shared this experience with such awesome people.


Run Woodstock - My hippy-bus for placing 4th in my division, awesome peace sign medal, and a well-deserved cold beer

  1. Chatter says:

    I have only read your blog for a short while, but looks like a great year with some fond memories.

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