I have decided to start blogging my experiences as a runner. By sharing my stories, I hope to encourage others to become better runners and better people. Running has truly changed my life in so many positive ways.


  1. cath121212 says:

    Thanks for the follow, looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

  2. lindsaybrust says:

    Hi Tim – Thanks for the follow! Best of luck with your 2013 schedule 🙂

  3. runstilettos says:

    Thanks for following my blog! I’m following you back- looking forward to the posts 🙂

  4. I, too, am following you back — thanks for all you do.

  5. emmamweston says:

    Thanks for the Like Tim – I am planning to do my first marathon this year and so the Color Run was a nice diversion and great to do with my daughter. I am really focussed though on upping my miles (or kms for me as an Aussie). Good luck with your 2013 goals.

  6. Seeph says:

    Hi Tim – thanks for stopping by my little blog, seems we have a shared interest! Can’t believe how many races you have lined up, best of luck with them.

  7. monkeyraces says:

    Hi Tim

    Thank you for stopping by Always On The Run. I find your blog to be both inspirational, and fun. I read your post about La Jolla, too bad. We host a fun 50k out here in Utah at the end of September, and are well aware of rising costs. Good luck…Mac

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