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Sorry about the video quality. I am still trying to figure out how to upload videos from my GoPro without compressing the file and losing audio/video quality.

My recent trip to California was literally the greatest time of my life. I got to spend some good quality time with my brother, run a marathon on the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, and road-trip from LA to San Francisco.

The 2013 Beach Jam Marathon was Saturday morning and my friend Mary was supposed to meet me at the start. We ran together the evening before and she wasn’t sure if she was going to race. She decided that morning that she would run the half marathon, so I was going to run it with her. We had such a great time together at the 2012 LA Marathon so I knew this would be fun too.


The course was a 13.1 mile loop starting at Crescent Bay Park in Santa Moinca. From the start, you head south along the Venice boardwalk a few bocks past the pier and turn around. Then, back to the start/finish area for the first aid station. Continue north to the end of Will Rogers State Beach for the next aid station, then back to the start /finish.

The race was a small event held by Rocket Racing Productions. Between the 10 mile, half marathon, and full marathon there were about 75 people. I’ve learned to enjoy the small events because of the more personal atmosphere. Although I love great crowd support, some of my most memorable races have been very small ones like this.

My game plan…
Have fun, run smart. This wasn’t going to be a “race” to me. Since I’m training for my first 100 miler I just considered it my long run for the week, but this time I had company for the first half, a mobile pit crew (my brother), aid stations, and I got a medal at the end.

The weather was perfect that morning. Well, to me it was. Starting in the low 50’s, the the temps would rise to 71 before the race was over. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and just a light ocean breeze.

The first half…


This picture captures the mood perfectly.

As the race started, the conversation and laughs came quickly. We kept a slow, comfortable pace. My constant stops at every rest room slowed us down even more, but the clock wasn’t a concern. The mood was awesome. I felt strong. This was going to be great!


We continued on. Everything went great until mile 11. Mary was getting tired, and something didn’t feel right with my ankle. A few days before, I tweaked it while running in the snow and now the pain is starting to come back. As we finished the half marathon Mary got her medal and took off to get some food. She would come back to cheer me on at the end. I still had 13.1 miles to run, so I kept pushing forward.

The second half…

It was starting to get rough. I called my brother around mile 14. He was going to meet me a couple of miles down. I’ve never had a mobile pit crew, but my brother was amazing. He brought me beer and meds near mile 16 to help get me to the finish. I sat down in his car to enjoy my beer and my ankle was starting to swell. After a few minutes I took off and my brother was going to meet me a few miles later.

At the aid station near mile 18 I stopped to look at my ankle. It was getting bigger, and my pace was slowing rapidly. I typically run about a 9 or 10 minute pace for this distance but I was at about 13 minutes so I was obviously hurting. My brother met up with me again near mile 20. This time he brought me some ice, ibuprophen, another pair of shoes, and another beer. I rested there for about 20 minutes icing my ankle and keeping it elevated. I tended to the 2 very large blisters on my feet, changed my shoes, and went on my way. This race was getting brutal, but without the help of my brother I would have been suffering thru it.


I felt a lot better. The ankle still hurt, but I was close to my normal pace again. I saw Mary at mile 21. She walked with me for a couple minutes and we talked. She knew my ankle was in bad shape, but she could tell I was doing a lot better. I was ready to get this race over with. I only had 5 miles left. One more hour and I could relax and ice my ankle. That’s all I wanted.


Beach Jam Marathon course.

I pushed thru it and finally made it to the finish. I got my medal and Mary gave an ice pack for my ankle. This was the hardest marathon of my life. Other than my ankle I felt great though. I wasn’t even sore.

What I thought of the race…

*well organised
*race staff was very friendly
*aid stations were fully stocked – water, sports drinks, granola bars, gels, electrolyte tablets
*beautiful course
*plenty of rest rooms along the beach
*very affordable

*no crowd support
*not a closed course – had to dodge people the whole way (especially in Venice)
*medal was pretty basic
*not chip timed

The bottom line…

If you like quiet, scenic races then this is for you. If I lived in LA I would participate in other events held by Rocket Racing Productions.


Hi everyone. Please take a minute to check out the Racing The States blog. She wrote a really great post about the Running For Angels Virtual Race.

Here is the link…

Also, today is the last day of the “early bird” pricing, so those that haven’t registered still have a few hours left to take advantage of the great prices. To learn more about the race you can check out the Facebook page, or you can register online at RegOnline.



Running For Angels Virtual Race logo.

The Running For Angels Virtual Race is a 5k race to benetit the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. Registered participants will walk or run 5k during the week of 4/21/13. You can do it all at once, or over the course of a couple of days. There are 2 different options. For only $20 you are registered for the race and you get a custom 2.5 inch medal made by Running Awards, or for only $30 you get race registration, the custom medal, and a tech tee.


Running For Angels Virtual Race medal design.

About $7 of every registration goes the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics to fund reseach for treatment of Angelman Syndrome.

A special note from Tim…

Hello everyone. This is my first race I’ve every coordinated. It has been a very challenging, but rewarding experience. For those that don’t know, this cause means a whole lot to me. I do many fundraisers during my races to raise money for F.A.S.T. My cousin’s daughter Kyla was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome and I will continue to run for her and all of the other “Angels” . To read the whole story about Angelman Syndrome and my fundraising check out


The other day I offered a contest to win a free entry to the Running For Angels 5k Virtual Race. The winner turned out to be a blogger right here on WordPress! Whitney, the writer of Racing the States won a free entry, a tech tee, and a medal. Soon after getting in contact with her, she invited me to a Facebook group called “Virtual Runs!”. I posted information about my upcoming virtual race, and I have gotten a huge response. Today alone, I have had 11 people from that group register for the race. Whitney’s blog (Racing the States) is well worth reading. I recommend all of you check it out. If you like what you read, please “like” her Facebook fan page. If you would like to learn more about the Running For Angels Virtual Race, please visit You can also register for the event at $30 gets you a race entry, tech tee, and and a great custom medal. For $20 you get a race entry and a medal. These prices are valid thru 2/28/13, then the prices increase $5.


Running For Angels Virtual Race medal.


Tomorrow is International Angelman Day, and to celebrate it I am giving away 1 free entry into the race. This includes a tech tee and a custom medal. To enter: 1) Go to and click “LIKE”. 2) Share today’s post about the giveaway. It looks like this:


Running For Angels Giveaway

It just that easy!

For those that haven’t, a virtual race is a race that anyone on earth can participate in no matter where they live. The idea is that you run the mileage anywhere you’d like on the race day. With your registration, you usually get a t-shirt and medal for participating. Most virtual races benefit a charity or cause, so you are helping contribute to a greater good by participating.

Last year I ran in the For the Love of the Kids Half Marathon, and had a great time participating. I decided to host my own virtual race this year to benefit The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. This cause is very special to me since my cousin’s daughter was diagnosed with this rare disorder. I have done a lot of fundraising for the cause and I envision this race as a much bigger contribution to funding research for Angelman Syndrome. I invite all of you to participate no matter where you are.


Running For Angels Virtual Race logo

The registration prices are as follows:
Before February 28, 2013
$30 for registration with tech tee and medal
$20 for registration with medal only

After February 28, 2013
$35 for registration with tech tee and medal
$25 for registration with medal only

The tees and/or medals will be shipped to you within a week of the event. Tech tees will be made by Hankerd Sportswear in Swartz Creek, MI, and the medals are being made by Running Awards and both will feature our logo. Online registration is being provided by RegOnline.

To learn more, you can visit our Facebook page at
You can register for the event at

I hope to see a huge turnout, so invite your friends to run it with you!


Although the 5k distance isn’t my specialty, I decided to run one last weekend. I just wanted to do a race. The only day I was available was Sunday. It turned out the closest race was almost 2 hours away in Meridian Township, MI.

It was supposed to be a small event that is sponsored by Playmakers. The course consisted of a short, paved corse thru the woods, down 2 roads, then a short sprint to the finish.

The day of the race, I woke up with a sore throat, so I wasn’t really expecting a very fast time. I figured I’d run it in about 23 minutes.

I managed to run it in 20:28, which was way better than I hoped for. That ended up beating my PR by 3 seconds!


Polar Bear 5k results

I won my division, and come in 6th overall out of 229 runners. This was the first time I have ever won my division in a race.


Polar Bear 5k medal

Age group winners received great medals made by!

About the event:
-Race day registration was well organized.
-Very affordable. Only $25 on race day.
-Pre/post-race refreshments. Hot chocolate, coffee, bananas, granola bars.
-Nice medals to top 3 in division, plaques to overall male, female, and masters.


Race map on

-Not chip timed.
-Shirt was not available in my size. Only XXL shirts were remaining.
-Almost no crowd support.
-They played awful music the entire time.

I liked the event. It was small, but well organized. You don’t really expect much when the price is so low, but it was better than I thought it would be.


Yes. You read that correctly. I have been coordinating the Running For Angels 5k Virtual Race, and I have been offering entries for only $30. This includes a tech tee and a great medal. Starting yesterday, I decided to offer registration for only $20 with medal only. I figured this would gain interest of runners like me that have way too many race shirts.

If you’ve never done a virtual race, you’re probably wondering how they work. It’s pretty simple. Anyone can participate no matter where you live. In a virtual race, you can run or walk the mileage (5k, 3.1 miles) anywhere you’d like. You don’t even have to do it on the actual race day/time. The medal and/or shirt will be mailed to you for your participation.

The race will be benefitting The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. About 25% of your entry cost will go toward the cause.

For more information on the race, you can check us out on Facebook at

You can also register thru RegOnline at