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A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Meagan Cross from the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapetics. She heard about the virtual race I’m directing and wanted to put together a story about my cousin’s daughter Kyla, the race, and a little bit about me. The link was posted to the Foundation For Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Facebook page. That means the 7,388 people that “like” that page will see the story. I’m hoping to get a lot of registrations from that.

Only 6 days remaining until the prices for the Running For Angels Virtual Race increase by $5.

Now thru 2/28/13, you can get a race entry, and a custom medal for only $20 or for $30 you get a race entry, a custom medal, and a tech tee.

After 2/28/13 the prices will be $25 with a medal or $35 with a medal and tech tee.

Register at

Check us out on Facebook at

For those that haven’t, a virtual race is a race that anyone on earth can participate in no matter where they live. The idea is that you run the mileage anywhere you’d like on the race day. With your registration, you usually get a t-shirt and medal for participating. Most virtual races benefit a charity or cause, so you are helping contribute to a greater good by participating.

Last year I ran in the For the Love of the Kids Half Marathon, and had a great time participating. I decided to host my own virtual race this year to benefit The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. This cause is very special to me since my cousin’s daughter was diagnosed with this rare disorder. I have done a lot of fundraising for the cause and I envision this race as a much bigger contribution to funding research for Angelman Syndrome. I invite all of you to participate no matter where you are.


Running For Angels Virtual Race logo

The registration prices are as follows:
Before February 28, 2013
$30 for registration with tech tee and medal
$20 for registration with medal only

After February 28, 2013
$35 for registration with tech tee and medal
$25 for registration with medal only

The tees and/or medals will be shipped to you within a week of the event. Tech tees will be made by Hankerd Sportswear in Swartz Creek, MI, and the medals are being made by Running Awards and both will feature our logo. Online registration is being provided by RegOnline.

To learn more, you can visit our Facebook page at
You can register for the event at

I hope to see a huge turnout, so invite your friends to run it with you!


I have finally found a good graphic designer to create the logo for the Running For Angels Virtual Race. The final touches are being put in place and we will have an official logo this week. This means I can finally have the medals designed too! It feels good now that things are finally coming together. If you want to learn more about the virtual race I am coordinating you can check out It’s only $30 to register (until February 28, 2013) and you get a great tech tee and finisher’s medal for participaing. Plus, you will be helping me raise money for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics.

On another note, I am absolutely thrilled right now because as of today I have over 100 followers! I really want to thank everyone for their support!



Running For Angels 5k Virtual Race

When I decided to coordinate a virtual race, I knew it would be a lot of work. Yesterday the race registration opened and I’ve had some kinks to work out. I believe I have everything taken care of now. The awesome people at RegOnline are facilitating the registration process and although it was a ton of work putting everything together, they make it as easy as possible. I was able to add the race to a few different racing sites in hopes of gaining more exposure.,, and were added today. I plan on adding the event to many more sites over the next couple of weeks.

Things have been a little stressful, but I knew the very early stages would be. Setting up registration and dealing with the early problems were bound to be a little tough. Even considering all of this, I’m happy. I have wanted to coordinate a race since last March and I’m finally doing it. I really haven’t been this excited in a long time.

I have done several fundraisers for my races to raise money for F.A.S.T., but this one is bound to be my biggest fundraising event yet. They are doing amazing things with their research, and that’s why this is so important. They are currently doing clinical trials in Tampa, FL concerning the drug monocycline. It has shown to reverse the effects of Angelman Syndrom in mice, and there is hope that it will do the same for humans. The Angelman community has kept a close eye on the trials with hopes that their loved ones will someday have a cure.

If you would like to participate in my event, you can register HERE.

To follow the event on Facebook or to learn more, click HERE.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and this wonderful cause. If you plan on participating, don’t forget to tell your friends and family.

154407_323023577807019_403088688_nI’m proud to announce that the registration for the Running For Angels 5k Virtual Race is now open! The race is only $30 until 1/31/13. This includes a t-shirt and medal. These items will be shipped to you approximately 2 weeks after the event. I’m still working on putting together a design for the shirts and medals, but I will keep everyone updated. You can register at If anyone has any feedback on the registration, or any questions or concerns you can email me at Please remember, this is a virtual race. Anyone can participate no matter where you live. For more information on the cause please visit Thanks again for your continued support!

I am in the process of coordinating a 5k virtual race to benefit the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. Please “LIKE” my Facebook page I created for the event if you’d like to learn more about it. A lot of the details haven’t been worked out yet, but I will post them as I figure things out.

Running for Angels 5k Facebook Page

Since I started blogging over half way thru the year I decided to put together my “Best of 2012” photo album. This only covers January thru September to let all of my awesome readers, followers, and fans know what else I’ve been up to this year. It’s been a very tough year, but it was filled with some unforgettable times and valuable lessons. I look forward to the many amazing journeys coming up in 2013 and sharing them with you. Thanks to everyone for your support. Best of luck to all of you. I hope everyone has a great holiday season.



LA Marathon with Mary and Jason.


Let's Move Festival Half Marathon - New personal record of 1:25:48


Color Run Chicago with Andy and Andrea. That was one amazing weekend with my 2 best friends.


Run for C.H.U.M. Half Marathon - ANGELRUNNERS.COM


Warrior Dash Michigan - Jessica's first race! She did great and we had a blast!


Crim Festival 10 Mile - I high-five random spectators. That's how I roll.


Run Woodstock - Jimmy and Jason ran their first 50k and I ran my first 50 miler. I think it's safe to say this day changed our lives forever. I'm grateful to have shared this experience with such awesome people.


Run Woodstock - My hippy-bus for placing 4th in my division, awesome peace sign medal, and a well-deserved cold beer

Only 3 weeks after running my first ultra marathon, I ran the 2012 Akron Marathon with my good friend Jason. It was going to be a tough race right from the start. Both Jason and I were battling injuries, and neither of us should have been running. To top it off, I was also dealing with severe allergies the night before and I didn’t sleep at all.

The day started off a little chilly, as you would expect in late September. As the sun started to rise and the race began, fireworks took over the skies above us. I thought that was a really special and unique way to begin the marathon. Immediately after starting, Jason and I were both in pain. My foot had nerve damage, and he had an undiagnosed injury to his knee. When we run run marathons together, we aren’t concerned with our time. We are just out there to have a good time and complete the race.


Even though Akron is not a very big city, it had a lot to offer. Our injured bodies shuffled thru downtown and we worked our way across a few bridges. We were able to take in views of the valley below as well as the city skyline in the background. Water stations were everywhere. Literally every mile or so. We really appreciated that, but not once during the race did anyone have any food. No oranges, no candy, nothing at all. We started build up some serious hunger by the half way point, so Jason decided to run into a gas station and buy some Lay’s salt and vinegar chips for us to snack on. Immediately, we became the center of attention. Spectators watched with puzzled looks on their faces and runners drooled in envy over us having chips during a race. Our tasty snack helped curb our appetites as we continued on.


Just after mile 23 we met up with some really great people who were hanging out in front of their house watching the race. They gave us each a Michelob Lager, which really hit the spot. After slamming our beers and chatting for a while, we hit the road. With only 5k remaining, we decided to run a little faster. We pushed thru it even though the pain was really building. The race ended in Canal Park (Akron’s baseball stadium). As we came toward the finish line, the crowd cheered loudly. We were greeted with very nice finisher’s medals, an Akron Marathon running hat, and tons of refreshments. They had Michelob Ultra, TruMoo chocolate milk (my favorite), bananas, Powerbars, Oreo cookies, and potato chips. We finished the race in 5 hours 39 minutes and 39 seconds which was Jason’s personal record for a marathon. All in all, I really enjoyed the race. The only thing I would have changed was adding food to some of the aid stations.


-Plenty of free parking very close to the start and finish of the race.
-The course was wide open. Very little crowding on the course.
-Great scenery along the way.
-Fireworks at the start of the race.
-Plenty of aid stations and medical stations.
-Great swag for participating. Brooks running jacket, Akron Marathon hat, really nice finisher’s medal.

-No food on the course.
-Lack of crowd support on Tow Path Trail.